A person who is getting a bail bond should know a few things about them to be able to fully enjoy the benefits while avoiding some potential pitfalls. When someone is released from custody via bail bond, they are free to go about their lives as they await their court dates. However, there are a few guidelines and things to know.

Bail Bonds Provide You With a Few Benefits

When it comes to bail bonds, the first benefit is the most obvious: being out of custody. Bail bonds can be posted at any time, so the sooner the process is started, the sooner a person can get out of jail. They also allow a defendant to continue attending school and/or going to work, both of which can look good at their upcoming court date. Courts typically look more favorable on people who are otherwise contributing members of society.

Bail Bonds Are the Easiest Way to Get Out of Jail

Bail is intended to provide a monetary incentive for a defendant to return to court at the appointed date and time. That being said, it can be expensive. However, a bail bond costs only a fraction of the total bail amount, making it much more affordable.

Bail Costs Can Vary by County

Bail is set pursuant to a county’s bail schedule. For felony-level crimes in Los Angeles County, bail costs are outlined in the Los Angeles County Felony Bail Schedule. However, these amounts are not set in stone. When a person has frequent arrests, their bail may be set higher than normal – especially if they have a history of skipping bail. But, if the defendant is unable to afford bail, it’s possible to have the bail amount lowered by a judge to make it more affordable.

You Have a Right to Bail – But Not Always

Bail is a right granted by the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution. Sometimes when a person is accused of very serious crimes,  bail may be withheld by a judge.